Our workmanship

In 30 years of activity, Art Lab technicians have made traditional finish a pure art by forging new and personalized items.

Manual buffering

Artlab is a company that offers a full range of leather processing, especially manuals where we are able to produce classic padding, vintage aging, drips, shredding, scratches and even more, to create unique items.

Film Application


The airbrushing in our company plays a key role, thanks to our artists it is possible to create degraded shades, pearled or glittery effects and partial paintings on burrs, shoe uppers and garments already sewn.

High frequency

In our departments you can find high-frequency processing to embellish and enhance leather and footwear components. Today Art lab can propose maximum processing dimensions that even reach 60cm x 110cm.

Through our machinery it is possible to create volumizing effects and obtain writings or textures of various relief and three-dimensionality.

In our departments you can further customize your HF products with spraying, digital printing or screen printing.

Creation of molds in HF

Art lab also offers its customers the possibility of creating the molds internally to speed up the production process.

Thanks to the collaboration of expert technicians and our CAD / CAM machines, it is possible to design in 3D and create any heat-sealing and thermoforming mold.

Screen printing

Through the screen printing technique we can print on different formats and materials, using special inks we can also customize the article at 360°.

This technique allows us to obtain a highly defined quality with very high mechanical strengths.