Production 4.0

The Art Lab production project was created to offer an increasingly professional service to our customers, to facilitate interconnections between our company departments and all the companies that make up the network.

The exponential growth has led to the study and implementation of a tailor-made and constantly evolving system. aimed at satisfying both internal and external logistical needs from our customers and following the entire traceability of the product by improving the quality of the product.

The Art Lab software is an EPR "Enterprise Resource Planning" and is based on the "Business Cube" infrastructure, a highly customized software, which allows perfect integration between business processes and allows to increase the productivity of the people who use it.

We improve industrial production by adopting new technologies and enhance the human factor

Improving quality control activities through digitization

Our quality control improves considerably thanks to the structural transformation we have adopted in all areas. This digitization process, both in the entry and exit phases and throughout the production process of the goods, becomes a "universal" system based on production progress.

Anyone among the professionals is able to obtain technical and logistical information in real time with just a simple click, while the entrepreneurs can interact with the system to get information in real time on all the activities in wip. The system undoubtedly makes us work better by increasing the quality of the work carried out in each phase and allows us to analyze any process non-conformities attributable to the individual man / machine spheres.

The digitization system is a green operation for us. Through touch screen monitors, control panels, bar-code guns we dematerialize paper for many steps, supporting eco-sustainability policies.