UV printing

UV printing on leather

Our UV printing system is based on the fact that UV rays quikly and completely dry out the ink, for a clearer, sharper print and a better color rendendition.

This particular type of ink is suitable for those who need to print on black or colored finish, obtaining beautiful glossy, padded or rubberized effects.

Our printing techniques uses elastic inks and it'is completely odorless in addition to being 100% eco-friendly as it eliminates the use of highly toxic chemicals.

Our inks do not release COV.

Acid Printing

This traditional type of printing requires soaking bases such as suede, nabuk and velvet.

Eco Solvent Printing

Inks suitable for high-definition prints on finished light bases, liquid sheets, varnishes and abrasives.

This print guarantee even the slightest shade thanks to the intense and uniform colors.

Latex printing