Manual buffering

Artlab is a company that offers a full range of leather processing, especially manuals where we are able to produce classic padding, vintage aging, drips, shredding, scratches and even more, to create unique items.


The airbrushing in our company plays a key role, thanks to our artists it is possible to create degraded shades, pearled or glittery effects and partial paintings on burrs, shoe uppers and garments already sewn.

Vintage aging

The aged leather effect is designed to give the leather a worn or worn look while maintaining its original resistance.

The worn look of the leather is very suitable for those who want to make handcrafted leather products with a vintage or rustic look.


Artlab technicians and staff have made traditional finishing a pure art, always forging new and personalized items, thanks also to this treatment that allows you to create dripping effects on the leathers, creating reliefs and particular chromatic effects that can be customized on customer request.

Brush strokes

Particular effect that allows to spread paints in an uneven way, creating particular movement effects.

Metallic or glitter paints can also be used which will give the skin a non-uniform veil with an iridescent or shiny chromatic effect.

New manual finishing warehouse